High Hope Farm – January 24

Bear with the slight deviation from non-personal and into the personal space.

Every year, my family and I head down to High Hope Farm, run my mother and stepfather. We love coming for visits and typically come between Christmas and New Years, but due to two funerals, we had to reschedule for late January. Anyway, we’re here now and I thought I would share some moments.

First off, Grandma had given each of the kids their own rolling suitcase, which they loved having for this trip:

2015-01-23 09.10.33

The next morning, as typical, our kids woke up before dawn and “sneaked” out of the bedroom to go find their grandparents and get the day started. After bellies were filled with homemade waffles, we were out for the morning chores. It was in the low 30’s but with the sun shining, and good jackets, it was quite pleasant. M has decided, and rightly so, he can drive the ATV as long as I’m on it with him. He’s quite good at steering and judging speed. Here is a shot of the chickens who are ready to move to another pasture, or to the hot tunnel to ride out the rest of the winter.

2015-01-24 08.57.56-2

Afterwards, we had a quick lunch and headed down to Mississippi St. to see the Bulldogs take on the Georgia Bulldogs. The boys and I had gone last year for an evening game, but S got to join her big brothers this year. We were pleasantly surprised to see that for the pre-game even for kids, not only were there basketballs to play around with on the court, but a bouncy-house!

2015-01-24 13.14.06

Then on to the game where M really got into the score and who to root for where T was more concerned with why one fan nearby was yelling at the court so much.


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