High Hope Farm – January 25

Another gorgeous day on the farm. While it started out freezing cold, the sun really came out and we got up to the low 60’s today. Unfortunately, last night, M came down with a fever thing that T had earlier in the week, and then S got the same this morning. M recovered well and was active, but S stayed bundled up on a couch all day.


The boys went out and we helped Pops pick up sticks and debris to pile up with other such things to help create a bern to better manage water and reduce erosion. And yes, M seems set on wearing his sweater vest every day this week.

2015-01-25 10.25.12

We did a lot of walking and playing with the dogs as well. We painted a gate (barn red, of course), and started to move the rails for a new herb garden. Grandma was also sporting the day-glo orange hats. 🙂

As the day wound down, we fed all the animals while Grandma played “bump” with the boys.

2015-01-25 16.36.132015-01-25 18.02.49


One Comment on “High Hope Farm – January 25”

  1. Sue says:

    Love! Good luck with the storm headed your way!

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