Attic Stairs in Need of Repair

We have a nice set of stairs to the attic that retract up into the attic. They do not need to fold up, they simply slide down and up as needed.

Unfortunately, starting this week, the mechanism to hold the stair panel in place flush with the ceiling has failed and now the attic door panel won’t close all the way, leaving ~2″ of air gap between the house and the attic. I’ve looked this up online and as best I can tell, this is a Bessler attic ladder. I’m posting my pictures and video here of the problem so that when I contact them for help, I can show the problem.

To be clear, I don’t know for sure this is a Bessler, as there don’t appear to be any identifying marks, but they are the only brand I’ve found so far that make this kind of attic ladder. Here are some additional photos of the ladder.

2018-08-18 13.50.582018-08-18 14.14.392018-08-18 14.14.452018-08-18 14.16.002018-08-18 14.16.052018-08-18 14.16.122018-08-18 14.16.272018-08-18 14.18.36


12 Comments on “Attic Stairs in Need of Repair”

  1. Richard Johnston says:

    Did you have any luck fixing this? My Bessler attic stairs in our 1928 home has a similar spring drum that just broke. I found out that Bessler went out of business and is no longer making these stairs.

  2. Mark S says:

    Curious where you got the part?

  3. Lisa says:

    I also have a attic stairwell from 1928 I was repairing the wooden part of the ladder when the cable broke can I get just anyone 1/8 of an inch cable or do I need a cable with some kind of a funny end on the end so it doesn’t come out

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