My Treadmill Desk

I’ve had some folks ask about my latest treadmill desk in my home office, so I thought I’d post a couple of pictures.

I had to give up my upstairs home office to be another bedroom for the kids, so I remodeled our downstairs guest bedroom. I took it down to the studs in hopes of sound proofing it. While I had the walls open I did all the wiring I wanted so I could wall mount a new monitor and the surround sound speakers I had purchased decades ago when I was a bachelor and have been sitting in the attic ever since.

2018-09-10 08.33.072018-09-10 08.33.23

Given my desire to be at a treadmill desk, and given the dimensions of the room, I opted for a new 40″ 4k monitor to wall mount. It has a resolution of 3840×2160, which gives me effectively four normal 20″ monitors worth of desktop. The display is a Wasabi Mango UHD400.  I’ve been mostly happy with it, but I do have one part of it that isn’t working properly and I hope to get it repaired here soon.

I built the design to have two shelves with the hope that most of the tech I don’t need to touch is on the lower shelf and thus out of my field of view. Given that my office may serve as a guest bedroom a couple of weekends a year, the part of the shelf where my keyboard is can hinge down and hide the not-so-pretty lights and equipment on that shelf.

If you are curious other tech on the desktop is an Avaya Vantage phone, an Android device with Avaya’s Equinox client. Next to that I have a Jabra 9450 Pro headset which I use for my audio-only calls. In the middle is a Konftel (an Avaya company) Ego speakerphone (love this) which I use for all my video calls. The treadmill is a LifeSpan under-the-desk treadmill, model TR1200-DT3. Unlike my old treadmill that I hacked to be a treadmill desk, this one is fit for purpose and had a nice control unit on the desktop. To keep the wires as clean as possible, I have the treadmill plug into the wall near the baseboard to DB9 wiring in the wall and up to the lower shelf where the LifeSpan control unit then plugs in. That works wonderfully.


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